15th May 2017

Former employees

Dr. ir. Robin Geys
Agrosavfe - Senior researcher manufacturing
Glycolipid engineering:
Applied metabolic engineering and process engineering for the production of novel kinds of glycolipids with Starmerella bombicola. Besides this, a more fundamental approach was undertaken to understand regulation, expression and other aspects of this yeast and its related species.

Obtained his doctoral degree on 17th February 2017.
Dr. ir. Tim Devlamynck
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant - Project coordinator
Enzymatic glycosylation:
Applied glucansucrase enzymes for the synthesis of various bioactive glycosides, e.g. steviol glycosides with improved taste and phenolic glycosides with anti-oxidant properties. Strategies used to optimize the glycosylation reactions were reaction -and enzyme engineering.

Obtained his doctoral degree on 27th October 2017.

Barbara Toch
Coordination Assistant