15th May 2017

Former employees

Dr. ir. Thomas Decoene
Inbiose - Senior Research Associate
Was active on the BioNANA (IWT O&O) project.
ir. Hannes Decadt
VUB - PhD student
Was active on the BioNANA (IWT O&O) project
Barbara Toch
Coordination Assistant
Dr. ir. Barbara Danneels
Assisted the course 'Industrial biotechnology' (1e Ma Bio-ir).
Isabelle Van de Velde
Glycolipid engineering:
Investigated the capabilities of Starmerella bombicola to produce interesting fatty acid derived products.
Dr. ir. Tim Devlamynck
Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant - Project coordinator
Enzymatic glycosylation:
Applied glucansucrase enzymes for the synthesis of various bioactive glycosides, e.g. steviol glycosides with improved taste and phenolic glycosides with anti-oxidant properties. Strategies used to optimize the glycosylation reactions were reaction -and enzyme engineering.

Obtained his doctoral degree on 27th October 2017.

Dr. ir. Robin Geys
Agrosavfe - Senior researcher manufacturing
Glycolipid engineering:
Applied metabolic engineering and process engineering for the production of novel kinds of glycolipids with Starmerella bombicola. Besides this, a more fundamental approach was undertaken to understand regulation, expression and other aspects of this yeast and its related species.

Obtained his doctoral degree on 17th February 2017.